A friend is going through some challenging time, and one of the things which came to mind for her was setting up a prayer with some friends to pray for her health.

Then I was thinking the whole day how to set up the pray. As I was talking to a friend she asked me how did your grandmother pray?!

Have you noticed when a question is asked where you needed to hear the question, to make you pause. Stop, breath!

My grandmother’s prayer used to come from a deeper faith. That everything is being taken care of. That, her prayer is the purest thing and the God will hear it and maybe that’s why she got her answers, she just knew that her prayers are being heard. She didn’t need to set up zoom meeting to pray, her every walk was prayer.

And then my prayers, I am doing the prayer. I am thinking I am praying. I need to set up, write what I am gonna say during my prayer. And just beg please hear me.


So, Next time we are praying. Lets pray for that amazing higher consciousness that everything is being taken care of. From a deep faith. From that deep pause, deep breath, may your prayer be in its path by a deep inner joy and inner peace. You know what, everything is just the way it suppose to be, everything is being take care of.

As always love,


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