I am feeling such a deep grace in me today, the kind of grace that wants to make you cry. So, heartwarming and filled with divine love. The grace that feels like a spring rain.

Today we came together as a village, when you come together as a village there won’t be me or you. There will be union. There will be us, There will be “I”.

As the village comes together, we hold hands (these days virtually), and we heal. This is not my way, this was my grandmothers way.

We live in a world where we talk about my bubble, We talk about I. I. I. and the community is losing its color. But, now more than anytime we need to be together. We need to remember its not social distancing it’s physical distancing. We need to open our hearts, believe me there is enough space for the whole word inside your heart. As you open your heart to the realty of the world, you will be accomplished with acceptance, and you will receive the love you put out to the world ten times more.

Have your village, and hopefully someday our villages can be as big as the whole world. May divine love surround you, as you surround your divine love with the world. May you be filled with divine grace,

As always,



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