Gardening has always been a great passion for me. Its almost hardly a job but a way of paying respect to mother earth. Its a way of living that can bring communities together.

I remember growing up we used to share our fruits and vegetables with neighbors. My parents still do. They send a big box of grapes or peach to friends and neighbors.

Urban gardening at your home can be very beneficial. You have access to organic produce right in your home and it certainly tastes better. When you buy a produce at a store they need to pick it before its ripe but you can pick it on demand in your backyard. Or even get fresh fruits in farmers markets.

It’s a very efficient way of using land. Living in California lots of backyards have large areas for turf grass. Which seriously is not compatible with California’s weather.

And most importantly it is a way of healing. When you work with land you make friends with it. With every touch to the soil you make friends with the ecology around you.

We have come to such a distant between the elements that we have lost our way home. With working with nature and the elements we again make friends with it. 🙏

It doesnt need much, even if you dont have backyard grab a pot and plant some vegetables. 🙂

Make friends with the land.



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