I judged today!

Today we lost a family member due to covid, when I heard the news I got sad. And, then I starting judging and misjudging the situation. I got angry and upset about the whole thing. The whole time I was watching my self react, and I was ugly.

Then (after an hour) I paused, and told myself what are you doing? no matter what someone has lost a loved one. Where is your so called compassion?

When we are in spiritual journey, we get tested. To tell us see you still have this ego talking. I am so grateful the test came and I failed so miserably. Because, now my ego tells me I know better.

Then this post from an amazing soul came in my feed that I decided to share.


If you have lost a loved one I am so sorry for your loss. It happens so fast that you don’t get to say bye. Even if you do it’s from a distant.

Love each other unconditionally, even from distant show your compassion and love,

As always,



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