Less Waste?!

It is been some years I have been trying to be environmentally friendly. I changed our paper napkins to cloth, installed bidet in our toilet. I say no to paper cups. And, so many other small changes…

Then Covid-19 occurred . The stores didn’t let me use my own bags for shopping. And, I couldn’t buy things in bulk like before.

I loved going to coffee shops before Covid-19. I always either took my own cup or asked them for a mug. Then, after the pandemic I got coffee in non reusable cups. So, we started making our own trash pile.

It was couple of weeks back, that I asked myself what are my values. Every time, I look at our trash bin, I ask myself is this part of my legacy. Is this what I want to leave behind for my kids generation.

So, I started going deeper into it. Studying and educating myself on going more towards zero waste.

I am gonna share my tips, values in this blog. Maybe it can be of help for someone else too. Or, maybe you can give me some insights as well.

This is part of my healing and spiritual journey.

As always,



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