Less Waste Planning!

In my previous post I talked about less waste and having made the decision to consume consciously.

Last week I spend planning my going “less waste”, I call it less waste and not zero waste because I know now I am still not ready to go zero waste. But, I am planning to do my best.

So, the first question I asked myself was WHY?! Why do I want to go less/zero waste?

If you are planning to start this journey too, ask yourself this question. You might have different reasons: to look cool, have fun Instagram posts, this is what I believe, I am doing this because of nature, and so many other reasons.

So, here is my WHY? I have so much respect to Mother nature, and I think I owe it to myself to my family to learn how to respect mother earth in return. She keeps giving to us and I can’t keep on going ruining all the resources. This why is so deeply embedded in who I am that even though after COVID19 I kind of had to use plastics but it came back to me again.

I, like so many other people have been a user of this or that. I have contributed to putting more trash in landfills unconsciously and to be honest sometime consciously. Not, giving it even a second thought or sometimes giving it a second though but still using a plastic or a product that doesn’t biodegrade or recycle.

After you get to answer these questions, first stop shopping. You already have more than enough. Do your study, there are really great series or documentaries available online, make sure to go back to these movies they keep you motivated. Second, start planning.

One of the steps in going less/zero waste is to find out what you already have in your home. And, you will through time go through your stuff and see if you haven’t used them for sometime. Maybe it needs a new home. So, find out where you can donate your stuff or have a garage sale. You will also have lots of packaging and stuff you need to dispose. Call your recycling center and see where you should drop them off or if they have pickup services. Take your time in this step, because you will end of with so many stuff you have no idea what to do with them. After that, next step will be decluttering.

As I go through decluttering, I will keep you posted too.

As always,



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