Decluttering Closet!

Okay, so last time I talked about my journey on living a more conscious life. Based on reusing stuff and having a fuller life not with things, but with experiences. So, even this journey is becoming such a beautiful teaching experience for me. I need to add when we have things that we actually use and love. The relationship with them become more intimate. I love to use what I have now and see value in just the thing I have. Sometimes I go to stores and just walk between aisles to see all the things I am happy without buying. Maybe if it was the Sara from couple of months back I would still try to buy things for “maybe” times.

I have been decluttering my closet. It took two weeks or more because, I needed to figure out what to do with stuff. Also, I don’t like to push things with doing it fast instead I prefer to take my time.

Deculturing the closet

In this photo you can see kind of the end result. I say kind of because I have some things in the washer/dryer also it doesn’t show six dresses that I kept and couple of summer shirts and shorts.

The stuff you see in front of the closet are the stuff I let go off. I donated some to a homeless shelter, and some of it went to the goodwill. I guess for me it was time to thank them and say goodbye. Also, I emptied my drawer which contains whatever I wear at home. The part I like about it is that I use whatever I have in the closet until next time I am using washer. This tells me everything in my closet is being used which is really great.

Anyways this was my journey for cleaning up my closet. Next time I probably will write about my makeup drawer.

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