Lets Talk!

So many times I have been told to talk, to speak. Always I have told myself, I am not ready yet. Let’s wait. I need to get more ready, more this or that..

Yesterday I was thinking what if somebody at this moment gave me the mic and told me to talk, what would I say. And oh my, I do have things to say,,,

We are living in Corona-virus time, so many debates on whether it is man made, animal made, whatever made, for now we won’t know this.

What we know is that we have been forced to stay in, we have been forced to deal with our emotions, our fears. Because, if we don’t God it can take us over. We are to face some challenges. We know that we are forced to change our positions, mothers are teachers now, kids are home instead of school exploring real things. Dads, well they are working from their laptops. So many times, I have found myself going from this online meeting to the other and it gets exhausting, and I found myself going out for a walk, breathing deep. That is when I listen to my body!

What I know is that we need to be with nature but in a more gentle way. We need to know its not us taking care of the earth, it is the earth taking care of us as well. And oh my oh my have we messed up enough! Get your shit together, be friends with nature, Love it, nurture it. We are in no sense superior to any being. Every being every creature has its beautiful right to be here now, just like you. Cherish every breath and know that you are sharing that breath with every cell in your body. Every amazingly intelligently cell in your body. In my next post I will write about how to be with nature.

So now you have the mic, talk and speak your truth.



Tree of Life!

Yesterday, after I poured the coffee I saw this at the end of the cup,

Tree of Life

To me it looks like Tree of Life. Tree of life is one of the signs which I see in so many places. I know what it represents but I don’t know the deep meaning of it. I need to look more into it, and if you do please let me know.

Tree of life, to me, means life, means being rooted in this beautiful planet with mother nature and having your leaf and hands up in the sky with God. Being Life, being I.



I am the ocean!

Ocean has different states, sometimes the waves are big, sometimes very calm. sometimes quiet sometimes loud. Whatever the state it always goes back to it’s home, it’s essence, being ocean.

We as humans are the same, sometimes we have large waves sometimes calm. And just like ocean at the end we are home too. We are the soul. As we practice more we become more and more connected to our higher soul. our source.