I want to start this post with a question, “what is your medicine?”

I am not asking about your physician prescribed medicine. I am talking about the one that works and you know it does. Although we still like to pay our medical doctors.

Whenever I feel unorganized inside, my medicine is nature, to be in the presence of mother nature. To be in awe of its beauty, its love and grace. Whenever I feel super tired, I lean on a tree and absorb some of its healing prana’s. I make sure to thank the tree, because the tree doesn’t have to do this but they just do.

Death Valley National Park

If you get a headache go outside and walk and imagine roots going down to mother earth, this will ground us. And make our mind more clear.

Btw, I am preaching now, I so many times forget to do these myself. Although when I do it works. 😀

Find your medicine, it can be taking care of someone, talking to a friend, sitting still, or being in nature.

May you be filled with the love of mother earth, make sure you know we need to respect mother earth. She has been giving all our life, the air, the food, the water and all the unlimited grace she has been providing her kids.

Thank you Mama,

as always,



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